Zoho Development Process

Our development lifecycle is bespoke for each project, however there are generally 7 stages involved in each build. The stages can progress one at a time or in tandem with each other depending on the model that is followed. If you require us to work to a specific model, please click here. 

See our development process below.

Planning Your Project

Our Zoho development and consultancy services begin with a comprehensive project initiation stage. 

We work closely with our clients to clearly identify the issues or opportunities to be addressed using Zoho solutions. 

During this phase, we outline the specific requirements, deadlines, and resources necessary for a successful Zoho implementation.

Zoho Project Evaluation

Our experienced consultants at Zoho4Hire assess the project requirements in terms of time, technology and human resources. All while evaluating potential risks. 

We conduct a thorough feasibility analysis of various Zoho technologies and applications to determine the most suitable options for your unique needs. 

The results of the initiation and evaluation stages are documented and shared with stakeholders, including internal teams or clients who will be using the Zoho solutions.

Designing Zoho architecture and prototyping

Informed by the feedback from the evaluation phase, our skilled Zoho architects create multiple models for constructing and maintaining your custom Zoho solution. 

We carefully consider factors such as database structures, user interface designs, integrations, security frameworks, and more. 

After designing these models, we develop basic proof-of-concept Zoho prototypes for stakeholders to identify any potential challenges.

Implementing the software

Our implementation phase involves the actual creation of the Zoho solution, facilitated by well-managed documentation from previous stages. 

Our expert developers apply their coding skills and extensive Zoho knowledge either individually or in teams, based on the project requirements. 

They also create supporting documentation for future reference and a user guide to help end users navigate the solution.

Testing the application

At Zoho4Hire, we recognize the importance of testing Zoho applications before releasing them to a broader audience. 

Our team conducts manual testing by setting up simulations to verify individual features and assess how different Zoho modules interact. 

We also utilize automated testing tools to streamline the process, ensuring the solution is free of issues before reaching the end user.

Deploying the application

Our deployment strategies at Zoho4Hire are tailored to each project's unique context. 

We may recommend a staggered release plan, testing the Zoho solution with a limited audience in a live setting to address any bugs before a wider release. 

Alternatively, some projects may require simultaneous deployment to all end users, in which case we perform live anomaly testing and correction.


Maintain the software - Optional

We recognize that Zoho solutions represent long-term investments for businesses, addressing real-world challenges. 

Our team is dedicated to monitoring your Zoho solution's performance and ensuring smooth operations. 

Maintenance services may include addressing bug reports, updating features, or upgrading software in the future.


Customize, upscale and evolve with ease


Our expert developers will work with you to create your perfect Zoho solution which is fully customizable and scalable whenever your business requires. Our experts can even help you integrate to thousands of external systems to keep all your data synced.

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